Forest Park Criterium

Posted: March 20, 2011 in race report

I raced in the Cat 4/5 race. 25 minutes + 5 laps. Temperatures were good, road conditions were good. It looked to be a good day of racing. My training has been progressing well. There were 75 riders in the field. Definitely more than I have ever raced with.

Although it started off very fast, it felt manageable. The corners as usual were terrible. Everybody had to slow down and then sprint out. Seeing that I wasn’t up for doing that many intervals today, I decided to move up. Riders were dropping off the back, so even though I was sort of in the middle, I was the new “back.”

Frustrated I decided that I really need to move up faster. I take one of the corners on the inside. Minding that there is a huge group of people everywhere. Coming out of the corner another rider and I collide. We’re still upright, but I’m guessing are bars are caught with each other. We both hit the deck as well as another rider. I see the other rider laying on the ground, apologizing. I pick him up. Probably my fault, maybe his, who knows. The volunteers are checking us out, superb job btw, they were there right away. We check out our bikes. My handlebars are messed up, my brakes are completely squashed against my wheels, the chain is off and my shifters are bent inwards. I fix what I can. And we head to the pit for our free lap.

The mechanic checks out my bike, gets it in sort of working order (handlebars weren’t straight). And lets me back in at the back of the pack. I rejoin. Immediately I noticed that the race has slowed down. Bummer, really could have moved up now. But I got put back in and would feel awful trying to move up now. And to be honest, I didn’t want to crash again. My butt hurts, my elbow is bleeding, and my bike is messed up. This was not the time to be aggressive. Many laps pass by uneventfully.

Later in the race I finally noticed that LanChi showed up to watch me. With 2 laps the go, the pace picks up a bit, and by the last corner, some of the riders in front of me start to drift off. I try to chase down the pack but couldn’t and ended up finishing right behind them.

Overall not too bad. My fitness is not bad. I’ll need to work on harder and shorter efforts in training to stimulate. Here’s the data from today’s race, per my power meter (11 minutes before I went down). Unfortunately the mount for the power meter broke after the crash. So I don’t have data for the latter half.